Kirusa mobile VAS platforms process 600 million calls in March

Telecom Lead America: Mobile VAS major Kirusa announced
that its platforms, deployed with over 30 mobile carriers, has processed more
than 600 million calls in March 2012.

The number of unique mobile users of Kirusa mobile
services grew to over 70 million in March 2012.

The increase in traffic is line with the adoption of
Kirusa mobile services amongst mobile users.

Kirusa’s mobile services, including the voice SMS
service, mobile social media, and mobile infotainment, are available in 20
countries across 4 continents.

Kirusa’s platforms bring unique opportunities for our
consumers as they can now engage and entertain more. This is especially true of
consumers for whom mobile phone is a holistic tool of engagement and
entertainment. We are delighted to offer services using Kirusa platform which
are being used by millions of mobile subscribers in Nigeria,” said Samson Isa,
head of Glo VAS at Glo, Nigeria.

Our services uniquely capture modern consumers’ needs to
effectively communicate using a mobile phone, as well as treating the phone as
a tool of entertainment. As we enter the age of data services and smartphones,
integration of the many online activities with voice and SMS greatly enhances
consumers’ comfort,” said Surinder Singh Anand, vice president of Product
Management at Kirusa.

Kirusa claims that it has pioneered a suite of social
media applications that facilitate mobile subscribers to interact through
voice, including the Call-n-Tweet application which helps users update their
Twitter status using voice. Kirusa provides an open platform with APIs to
enable third parties to offer mobile applications services to mobile

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