Kirusa platforms process 250 million calls per month


Kirusa, a developer of mobile social media and value
added services, announced that its platforms, deployed at mobile carriers,
processed more than 250 million calls in May 2011.


The increase in traffic reflects the accelerating and
viral adoption of Kirusa mobile services amongst mobile users, and demonstrates
amazing robustness and scalability of Kirusa platforms. Kirusa also reported that the number of unique mobile users of Kirusa mobile services
grew to 37 million in May 2011.


The popularity of Kirusa’s mobile services, including the
industry leading Voice SMS, mobile social media, and mobile infotainment, have
fueled the company’s global expansion to four continents with over 30 carriers
in 20 countries.


“We congratulate Kirusa for achieving this major
milestone. The ability of the Kirusa platform to handle the rapid rise in Voice
SMS traffic, as well as support multiple mobile services is evidence of
Kirusa’s capabilities in meeting the needs of subscribers, and the need of
carriers to increase ARPUs from VAS services,” said Mrinal Roy, COO,
Airtel Ghana.


Such high traffic demonstrates the scalable network
architecture of Kirusa’s open multimodal platform. This also establishes that
Kirusa’s is an exceptionally robust platform that enables mobile carriers to
offer reliable and consistent mobile VAS experience to their customers and to
create new revenue streams from these services.


“As we expand into the emerging markets, the proven
scalability and openness of our platforms addresses the unique requirements of
mobile carriers.” He further added, “Our managed services offering
allows carriers to focus on enhancing their revenues by selling new and
innovative services to their subscribers that are adding value to their
lifestyle,” said Inderpal Singh Mumick, CEO, Kirusa,


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