Kony selected by Intermountain Healthcare and SelectHealth for mobile app platform

By Telecom Lead Team: :Kony
Solutions, a mobile application platform provider, announced that Intermountain
Healthcare has selected Kony as its mobile application platform.

Kony’s Write
Once, Run Everywhere technology enables mobile deployment across more than
9,000 mobile smartphones/tablets/kiosks and operating systems, allowing
Intermountain to offer its providers and patients robust mobile solutions.

is a Utah-based system of 22 nonprofit hospitals, 185 clinics, a medical group,
a health plans division called SelectHealth, and other health services.

staff is committed to finding innovative ways to provide services and access to
the communities we serve. By using Kony’s platform to develop our mobile
offerings, we can roll out apps more quickly, lower development costs, and more
importantly, provide an exceptional user experience for our staff, our
patients, and our members,” said Frederick Holston, chief technology officer at

developers will begin training on the Kony Studio, an Integrated Development
Environment (IDE) for the development and deployment of mobile applications.

intends to develop apps for clinical care, physicians, nurses, patients and
health plan members using Kony’s platform.

Kony, Intermountain can easily support both mobile web and native apps. Kony
also helps us future-proof its mobile strategy, so it will not constantly worry
about OS upgrades or new devices on the market.

pleased to work with Intermountain to help them deliver new mobile services to
clients and a new generation of applications for their staff. Intermountain
chose Kony because our platform gives them comprehensive device support and
incredible ease-of-use. With our platform, Intermountain can stay ahead of the
technology curve and focus on providing quality care,” said Aaron Kaufman,
general manager of Kony’s Healthcare and Life Sciences division.

KonyOne 4.0 platform enables a single application definition to deliver both native
applications and mobile web (HTML5 and non
“HTML5) across phones,
tablets, kiosks and desktops.

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