Lemon launches mobile wallet on Android

Telecom Lead America: Mobile wallet platform Lemon has
launched the Lemon Wallet on Android and Lemon for Business.

Since the release of the Lemon Wallet last month, Lemon customers
have already scanned over a half million cards to digitize and back-up their
wallet data, stored behind Lemon’s proprietary government-caliber security

The Lemon Wallet platform provides an easy-to-use tool
for digitizing and backing up all of the items traditionally carried in a
physical wallet and is more secure than the physical wallet itself.

Android users can download the App from Google Play for
any Android 4.0 or higher smartphone to snap a photo of each item in their
wallet, including debit, credit, loyalty healthcare and ID cards, as well as
receipts, tickets and coupons. Once saved to the secure Lemon account, the data
is accessible from anywhere, using a unique four-digit PIN that secures the
data against hackers and thieves, if the mobile device is ever lost or stolen.

The Lemon Wallet provides a convenient way to access
credit card information when shopping online while your wallet is in another
room, eliminating the need to get up and go find it.

Lemon Founder & CEO Wences Casares said the Lemon
Wallet can function more productively and securely than your own existing
wallet. It will completely revolutionary to its 2 million customers.

Lemon Business enables Lemon to expand the functionality
so users can submit receipts directly to their employer for expense
reimbursement. The new Lemon for Business offering aims to eliminate the
headaches employees face in filling out, submitting and tracking tedious
expense reports. Employees can now easily scan and submit receipts instantly in
a secure, trackable, storable and IRS-compliant format and never have to deal
with an expense report again.

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