Leverage Mobile Text Message Marketing for Lead Generation

Internet marketing company, Web Marketing Atlanta, is offering business owners the chance to cash in on the mobile phone marketing craze by creating lead generation systems that allow companies to contact prospects on their mobile phones.


The lead generation systems  come with several components aimed at getting prospects to interact with businesses better.


Our lead generation systems are very different from what many marketing companies are offering. Our clients are able to have a lead generation site targeting their industry where a consumer can come to the site, get a free report or video and immediately be captured by our follow-up system. Then, businesses can send emails and text messages as a way to follow up on their needs,” said Charity Cason, co-owner of Web Marketing Atlanta.



Research shows that people open text messages within 1 minute of receipt. Compared that to email marketing where messages may end up in the spam folder or the deleted file. Many companies are now jumping on the mobile messaging bandwagon as the marketing tides turn in that direction.



People always have their mobile phone with them. It sits on their nightstand, in their pocket or in a purse all day. Businesses who do not take advantage of being able to contact prospects and clients this way will be way behind in a very short period of time.



By TelecomLead.com Team
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