LINE free calling and messaging app growth strategies in India

Free calling and messaging app LINE has outlined its growth strategy in India.

The Japanese-based company targets to achieve around 500 million active users in the world from the present 200 million. Substantial growth in the Indian messaging market will be vital for achieving subscriber and revenue targets globally.

“We believe that the framework for web based messaging has already been laid with consumers hooked to it and now are looking for a product that can elevate their communication experience through richer features and functionality,” said Jun Masuda, chief strategy and marketing officer of LINE Corp.

Smartphone revolution in India is contributing to the success of LINE in India. Its confidence stems from the fact that the OTT market is set to grow significantly in India, threatening telecom operators’ messaging revenue.

In India, LINE targets to achieve 10 million users shortly from the present 5 million.

To achieve this, LINE will follow a three-pronged strategy.

First, LINE, which competes with WhatsApp, Wechat, etc. will have India specific content. It’s currently working with local partners to bring Indian taste to its offerings.

Second, LINE apps will be available in languages such as Hindi, Tamil, etc. in phases.

Third, the company is in talks with telecom operators to offer free / special data offerings.

LINE is also looking at adding more mobile handsets that can come with its apps. Currently, some of the Nokia Asha range of phones bundle LINE apps.

LINE growth strategies

The Free calling and messaging app provider is considering setting up an office in India. At present, the company is on an hiring spree.

At present, LINE has four distinct business models to generate revenue. First, paid stickers; Second, game in-app purchases; Third, sponsored stickers; and Fourth, official brand accounts. Sony India is one of its clients in the country.

Out of the four business models, games in-apps bring in maximum revenue to the company. Among countries, Japan contributes maximum revenue, said LINE on Tuesday.

Besides Japan, LINE has substantial presence in Taiwan, Thailand, Spain, etc.

LINE’s achievement in global messaging market was quick. LINE, which is present in 230 countries, took 19 months to achieve its 100 million users. For comparison, Twitter took 49 months and Facebook took 54 months to achieve similar milestones.

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