Location Based Technologies unveils Retail PocketFinder Manufacturing Run


Location Based Technologies announced that its first
volume production PocketFinder devices will be manufactured at the San Jose,
CA, facility of Jabil Circuit.


This is the beginning of a very exciting time for the
growth of the company and for our customers,” said Dave Morse, CEO of Location
Based Technologies.


Within the next few months we will deliver top quality,
market ready devices to our retail launch partners as well as to Tier 1 telecom
carriers that have expressed distribution interest in our versatile GPS
location devices,” Morse added.


products, combined with the company’s soon to be enhanced applications for GPS
Smartphones, are an example of how technology can enable businesses and families
to optimize their busy, highly mobile lives and enhance their ability to stay


This new capability, made possible by combining the
benefits of wireless and internet technologies, will allow people to connect to
other people and to things that they value from anywhere and at any time.


“We are looking forward to bringing global quality
manufacturing and design expertise to PocketFinder’s family of products, which
aligns with Jabil’s goal of focusing on growing our diversified manufacturing
services business,” said Les Pawlak, Senior Director of Sales, Jabil.


The PocketFinder family of products uses advanced
technology to help businesses and families stay connected.


The PocketFinder is the smallest known single-board
GSM/GPS device, and it easily fits into a pocket, purse or backpack, and can be
accessed via smart phones or any other device that provides Internet access to
show its location in real time.


Its service includes advanced GPS features that allow
users to designate customizable alert areas such as electronic fences” or
zones, vehicle speeds, location times, and fleet management information.


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]