Majority Americans ready to share their location to get relevant content

53 percent of the on-the-go U.S. audience is willing to
share their location to receive more relevant content, according to JiWire.

Mobile consumers under the age of 34 are more eager to
share, with 60 percent offering their location for better information. The U.K.
trends even higher, with 69 percent willing to share location information.

As people become increasingly mobile, they are looking
for more relevant content and deals at their fingertips. In fact, 52 percent
expect to use their mobile device more for holiday shopping this season,
compared to last year.

31 percent of the respondents said the ability to compare
prices is the most valuable aspect of mobile for shopping. When it comes to
proximity, 29 percent want sales and promotions within one mile of a store,
while 24 percent want promotions within 10 miles of the store.

38 percent prefer to receive local deals over email; 78
percent spend less than $50 on local deals. The average mobile consumer now
owns 2.4 connected devices.

Sales and promotions are the most popular types of
information that mobile consumers are looking for when engaging with
location-based services. The study examined how consumers rated various
services when one mile and 10 miles from a location.

Sales and promotions took the top position at both
distances in the U.S. However, product availability and directions are of more
interest at the 10 mile range, indicating consumer preferences for certain
information begin to change with distance.

Customer reviews were the location-based information most
sought after in the U.K., regardless of distance. The data shows that proximity
becomes a key factor for brands to consider when leveraging location-based

Looking ahead to the U.S. shopping season, the report
shows that 52 percent of the on-the-go audience is planning to use their mobile
device more this holiday season.

While mobile users are increasingly comfortable using
their mobile devices for shopping transactions, more than half plan to compare
prices and research or read reviews on products before purchasing.

“The mobile revolution continues to evolve and we
are seeing much higher adoption of mobile devices, services and offerings than
ever before,” said David Staas, senior vice president of marketing at

Location is clearly a key driver of mobile commerce,
whether it’s for finding local deals or engaging with major brands through
location media. The early data suggest that this will be a major trend this
coming holiday season.

Local deals are increasingly an integral part of the
mobile shopping experience, with 92 percent purchasing at least one deal per
month. The growth in local deals is also being driven by sharing. Seventy five
percent of the on-the-go audience is sharing deals regularly, up 21 percent
from last quarter.

The most popular way to share is through email, word of
mouth and Facebook. On average consumers are spending less than $50 on local
deals, though overall men are more willing to spend more than women.

Tablets continue to gain momentum with 32 percent already
owning a tablet device in the U.S. This is even higher in the U.K. with 75
percent of respondents either already owning or planning to purchase a tablet.
More than half of the on-the-go audience in the U.K prefers the iOS platform.

Compared with other devices, the iPad saw the most growth
this quarter to gain 20.9 percent of the mobile device landscape and overtake
the iPod touch. While there was a dip in iOS marketshare, Windows has surged
ahead with its Windows Mobile 7, taking the fourth spot in the top 10 devices
and gaining 3.7 percent marketshare.

In the U.K., iOS continues to decline for the second
consecutive quarter while Android and Windows gain 1.5 and 2.2 percent

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