Majority women feel more secure when traveling with a navigation device or app.: NAVTEQ-TNS survey

51 percent of women feel unsafe while traveling on Indian
roads, with New Delhi was perceived to be the most unsafe of all the metros,
claimed by a study done by NAVTEQ, a global provider of navigation enabled maps
and TNS.

The study claimed that 73 percent of the women surveyed in
Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai expressed fear for safety when traveling
alone at night.

The research study also claimed that 87 percent women
regarded Delhi as the most unsafe city while Mumbai was considered as the
safest city by 74 percent women.

86 percent of women are aware of navigation devices. 4 out
of 5 women indicated that they feel more secure when traveling with a
navigation device or app.

Rajat Tandon, director Sales of NAVTEQ stated that it is
clear that women can benefit greatly from device ownership, through navigation
app on cell phones, portable navigation devices or in-vehicle navigation
systems. Additionally, while women surveyed understand that navigation can
enable smarter travel, one of the factors why they do not use navigation
devices/apps is that they perceive these devices/apps to be difficult to use.

We believe that NAVTEQ’s robust portfolio of visual content
and 3D landmarks will help drive the adoption of digital navigation amongst
Indian women,” Tandon added.

The survey carried out across the four metro cities
comprised of 760 respondents with the purpose to assess Indian women’s
transportation modes and travel behavior. It also measured the ownership and
usage of navigation and mobile devices.

While talking on the future plans of the company, Rajat
stated that currently they are focusing on the technology users for their
products and services. They will be targeting to shift their focus from niche
to general in the next two years.


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