MCX selects Gemalto to build mobile wallet

Telecom Lead Europe: Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) has selected Gemalto to build its mobile wallet.

MCX says the initial MCX wallet, which will be primarily barcode and cloud-based, will run on Gemalto’s Allynis Mobile Payment platform.

In addition, MCX will also leverage Gemalto’s mobile wallet software for a rich smartphone application as well as development kits to enable retailers to embed the wallet functionality within their own applications.

Once it is fully deployed, the wallet will be accepted at all MCX members that collectively operate more than 75,000 stores and process more than $1 trillion in payments annually.

“Gemalto’s global experience and unparalleled expertise make it the ideal partner to develop a mobile wallet worthy of the stature of merchants backing MCX,” said MCX’s Dodd Roberts.

MCX’s owner-members collectively operate more than 75,000 stores, process more than $1 trillion in payments annually, giving MCX scale and ubiquity unparalleled within the mobile-payments industry.

Consumers of MCX’s owner-members will have access to a personalized payment experience integrated with merchant offers, promotions, loyalty and location-based services, which they will be able to use at many of the large retailers at which they regularly shop.

Jack Jania, senior vice president at Gemalto, said: “We are excited that MCX chose our technology to implement and deliver their roadmap towards convenient and secure retail payments on all smartphones.”

Founded in 2012, MCX seeks to lead the shift to mobile payments by providing better shopping and paying experiences for customers and merchants alike.


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