Mediba in pact with LeadBolt of Australia to form smartphone ad network

mediba announced that it will partner with
LeadBolt, a mobile advertising network and in-app ad monetization company for
mutually enhancing their ad-exchange business.


Through this collaboration, advertising
sponsors who place advertisements on the “mediba ad powered by
AdMaker” can expect increased advertising effectiveness and the ability to
significantly expand their exposure not only in Japan, but also abroad as well.


Additionally, site operators who join
“mediba ad powered by AdMaker” will be able to post LeadBolt’s global
ad plan into their sites.

mediba will develop advertising business
around the ‘au’ integrated portal site ‘au one’. And as the service for Smartphone
, mediba will provide the “mediba ad network for
Smartphone” networking both official and general websites around ‘au one’
and “mediba ad powered by AdMaker” boasting the largest impression
and corresponding global distribution.


Mediba, aiming at further expansion of ad network services, will
continue to promote cooperation with domestic and international advertising
network operators in order to focus on the anticipated expansion of the
Smartphone market in the Asia.

LeadBolt is a mobile advertising technology company with offices located
in Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, California. They operate the
“LeadBolt Ad Network”, providing the largest selection of traditional
and premium ad formats in the industry for Smartphones.

By Team
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