Mixpo unveils dynamic video advertising solution for tablets

Mixpo, a video advertising provider, announced the first
solution that extends in-banner, dynamic video ads beyond the Web to tablet

With these new capabilities, brand advertisers can deploy
dynamic video campaigns spanning in-app and in-browser display inventory, and
leverage the simplicity, speed and flexibility of Mixpo’s platform to
capitalize on the growing audiences using tablets. Publishers creating tablet
content experiences can now enrich their advertising offerings as well.

With Mixpo’s Web-based studio, publishers can capitalize
on their ample display inventory on the Web and now through tablets to build
dynamic display ads in one powerful environment using any video assets provided
by their advertising clients.

They also have the flexibility to add interactive
elements and tailor these ads based on geography, time of day or message
sequencing. Mixpo’s new technology automatically determines the consumer’s
device and deploys the appropriate ad, whether a FLASH or HTML5 version.

For tablet in-app campaigns, Mixpo offers full-screen,
immersive, dynamic video ads. Mixpo will also segment ad performance by
platform, providing advertisers with new insights on ad consumption and
engagement. Mixpo’s solution helps publishers not only offer better brand
advertising solutions, but also improve their display monetization.

“Previously, ad creation tools for HTML5 have been
rudimentary or prohibitively expensive and time-consuming, limiting brand
advertisers’ ability to deploy cross-platform campaigns and wasting valuable ad
dollars,” said Anupam Gupta, president & CEO of Mixpo.

“By leveraging dynamic video ads supported by our
latest technology, advertisers and publishers can create compelling experiences
for consumers that extend from the Web to tablets, increasing impact and
driving higher return on investment,” Gupta added.

The tablet market continues to expand, and Gartner
forecasts that approximately 300 million tablets will be sold by 2015. With
Mixpo’s new offering, advertisers can reach this growing number of consumers
effectively with unified video display campaigns.

“With Mixpo now offering us a cross-platform
solution, we are able to expand the reach for our advertisers that use these
dynamic video campaigns and create richer ad experiences within our mobile and
tablet offerings,” said David Karabag, director of Product Management for
Belo Interactive Group.

By TelecomLead.com Team
[email protected]