MMA to create standard for mobile analytics


The MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) announced the formation of a Mobile Analytics Committee. The Committee has been
formed with the purpose of addressing and defining standards and measurement
methodologies that govern the practice of mobile analytics and the evolution of
mobile into a marketer’s eCRM efforts.


The opportunity for companies and brands through SMS programs, mobile sites and applications is staggering, yet there are no clear
metrics or measurement standards to guide a brand’s marketing efforts today.



This information plays a critical role in helping brands
develop ROI focused mobile strategies and more importantly, to guide the
evolution of mobile site and application user experience. Likewise, from a
broader industry perspective, standardized measurement methodologies and
analytics guidelines are critical to mobile’s adoption going forward.



The MMA’s Mobile Analytics Committee will address standards,
measurement methodologies and best practices that are necessary for the
evolution of mobile analytics.  In
addition, the committee will focus on creating definitions and guidelines for
data collection, which in turn will fuel the growth of mobile marketing and
mobile advertising. 


“There are no clear standards today for marketers to
measure their mobile efforts, and this is an issue we have been asked to
address by our member companies. For the practice of mobile marketing to
continue to thrive, it’s imperative that the same analytics rigor that exists
for the Internet, email, search and social media become a key reality in this
industry’s evolution. Through the formation of the mobile analytics committee,
we are providing a much-needed forum to address the needs of the industry
today,” said Michael Becker, managing director, the Mobile Marketing



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