MOBIbucks Launches First Smart Mobile Banking Application That Works on Any Mobile Phone

announced the launch of the industry’s first smart mobile banking app, that
works with any phone – Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and so on.

has all the usual mobile banking capabilities such as viewing account balances,
history and transactions, transferring funds and paying bills. But the app goes
further with real-time account alert push notifications and transactional
analytics and is the only app with the ability to serve as a virtual card at
the point of sale.

banking has now taken hold. Today’s customers want to fit their banking chores
around their lives and not their lives around their banking chores, and using
their mobiles, they can,” said Jorge Fernandes, CEO of MOBIbucks.

new MOBIBanked smart app is based on MOBIbucks’ patent-pending technology
platform that enables mobile payments on essentially every phone – using a
phone number and PIN. The platform provides an all-in-one mobile payments and
marketing solution for banks and financial institutions.

“Alerts” let customers easily and securely manage their finances
better. Alerts can be set up to show the daily balance and notify customers of
low balances, checks cleared, and when thresholds on withdrawals and deposits
are exceeded.

the flip side, “Alerts” allow banks to create in-the-moment sales opportunities
by notifying customers of important account activity, and introducing new or
enhanced bank service opportunities at the moment of need.

the smart app’s “transactional analytics” feature financial
institutions will be able to deepen their understanding of customers and
provide opportunities to increase customer loyalty and retention.

MOBIBanked “virtual card” capability enables consumers to make
payments at the point of sale, without a debit or credit card. Customers can
create a “virtual card” through their bank account. Utilizing
MOBIbucks virtual technology which connects to the point of sale, the
“card” enables the user to pay with their phone number and pin.

application securely displays all the customer’s accounts and account details
such as account number and balance, as well as transaction summary and details.

new app helps customers to transfer money between linked accounts or transfer
money to third-party accounts.

app will let customers manage the same bill pay preferences they have set up
through their bank’s online site. The app also lets customers send money to
existing contacts in the Person2Person address book.

addition to these standard features, the new app also includes a helpful
“Find ATM/Branch” feature that uses geo-location capabilities to find
the nearest bank. For the bank, this means it can contact customers where they
are with an appropriate alert, if needed or desired.

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