Mobile messaging app Blink now part of Yahoo

Yahoo has bought Blink, popularly known as self-destructing mobile messaging app.

Financial details of the transaction are not disclosed.

A blog in Blink said they will be shutting down Blink for both Android and iOS in the next few weeks.

“We built Blink because we believe everyone should be free to show the same honesty and spontaneity in their online conversations as they can in person,” the blog from

“We look forward to the possibilities that will come from bringing the Blink vision to Yahoo.”



Yahoo has not revealed its plans with the new mobile messaging app, however.

This acquisition is one of the latest in Yahoo’s portfolio after Marissa Mayer, former Google executive, took charge of the Internet company. Yahoo has acquired several mobile start-ups since Mayer took over.

With Blink acquisition, it is clear that Yahoo is targeting the evolving mobile platforms. The company currently has 430 million monthly users of its mobile products.

Messaging apps are hot-cakes because they are offered free through apps and are increasingly being used in a number of commercial applications like in-app advertising, location-based marketing, etc.

Blink is a product of Meh Labs, a company founded by ex-Google employees Kevin Stephens and Michelle Norgan. Meh Labs is best known for its location-sharing app Kismet. 

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