Mobile phone vendor selects TCS for navigation platform for LBS

Telecom Lead America: A global phone manufacturer has
selected TeleCommunication Systems (TCS) to utilize navigation platform.

TCS will deliver integrated maps, local search and
navigation application featuring real-time traffic and other content, along
with software components for use by third-party developers to enable
location-based services.

TCS said the significant deal will assist TCS to offer
its navigation platform as a standard feature of a device manufacturer’s

TCS’ navigation application will be available on the
manufacturer’s handsets for customers in markets around the world.

TCS will develop the customer-branded navigation
application and provide associated services.

With the touch of a button, end users will be empowered
to easily search for businesses, points of interest, movie and event
information and to navigate to a selected place taking into account real-time
traffic conditions.

The TCS-provided software components will be available to
all software developers through API’s, providing developers with easy-to-use
and powerful functions to incorporate maps and a range of location-aware
content into their applications.

“Mobile device manufacturers recognize the value of
adding navigation and LBS-based components as an integral part of their
offerings, and TCS has been selected for its end-to-end solution, which greatly
enhances the performance and ease of use for application developers and end
users,” said Jay Whitehurst, senior vice president, Commercial Software
Group, TCS.

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