Mobile VAS vendor Kirusa acquires Cooltok

Mobile VAS vendor Kirusa has acquired Cooltok (also known as Plusray).

Following the acquisition, the Cooltok team, including Sreenivas Karanam, founder and CEO, and co-founders Prakash Kaja and Thomas Mathew, will join Kirusa’s office in Bangalore.

Kirusa did not share financial details of the transaction.

As a result of this transaction, Kirusa has acquired all the technology, workforce, and intellectual property of Cooltok.

Kirusa develops voice and social media mobile apps for emerging markets.

The acquisition will enable Kirusa to accelerate messaging apps business. In addition, the acquisition strengthens Kirusa’s intellectual property in the area of mobile apps.

Inderpal Singh Mumick, CEO, Kirusa, said: “Kirusa is expanding globally and we will continue to make use of opportunities for partnerships and acquisitions that will help us realize our vision of providing seamless messaging and social media experience to all mobile users, regardless of their devices and mobile network.”

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