Mopapp unveils tools to enable mobile app publishers to better market penetration

Telecom Lead America:
Mopapp, a provider of actionable, value analytics for the mobile market, has
unveiled new tools that deliver real intelligence and enable mobile application
publishers to maximize their market penetration and social engagement.

The new features, integrated into Mopapp’s analytics
dashboard, consist of App Store Ranking comparison charts and
Sentiment Analysis tools.

The Mopapp features provide measurable insights into the
true behavior of mobile app users to enable publishers to tailor marketing and
development strategies to improve downloads, ratings and profitability.

The new features provide the intelligence required to help
publishers engage more effectively and earn more revenue.

“In combination, the release of these two powerful tools
provides Mopapp users with an unprecedented level of insight into the real-time
value of their critical digital assets. With App Store Ranking and Sentiment
Analysis, Mopapp continues to remove the guesswork from mobile app analytics,
providing publishers with sales, revenue and engagement intelligence that
improves market performance,” said Alessandro Rizzoli, co-founder and chief
executive officer of Mopapp.

The App Store Ranking and Sentiment Analysis tools are the
latest features provided by Mopapp to help publishers sell and market their
mobile apps faster, smarter and more cost-effectively.

The company will continue to integrate with additional app
stores and ad networks, while unveiling new reports, advanced comparisons tools
and intelligent algorithms to deliver the most comprehensive, customizable and
actionable analytics experience available to the mobile market.

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