More South Africa mobile users utilize social networking apps than Brazil and India : Nokia survey

South Africans are the most
connected with 45 percent using social networking apps – 5 percent more than
Brazil and India, the other two emerging telecom markets.

The Nokia survey says 55
percent of smartphone users believe apps benefit their lives relying on them
while at home (33 percent), traveling (19 percent), or at work (13 percent).

are the most skeptical with only 44 percent believing that apps benefit their

are the most progressive with 48 percent wanting the latest technology and
apps, while Britain and Germany aren’t fussed with just 17 percent feeling that
up-to-date technology is a must-have.

Africans (50 percent), Spaniards (44 percent) and Brits (39 percent) are
home-bodies when it comes to app usage. Chinese are the most mobile with 64
percent using their apps while out and about 71 percent have up to 30 apps on their smartphones, with a fifth saying
that they delete all similar apps from their handset if they hear about a
better one.

have the biggest collections of apps with 28 percent claiming to own more than

third of Brazilians (29 percent) have between 1-10 apps on their handsets. The
heaviest users come from India where 14 percent claim to use all of the apps on
their phone.

British are the most apathetic, with a quarter (23 percent) admitting to hardly
ever using any of the apps on their devices.

Singaporeans are at the top of the
scoreboard when it comes to mobile gaming, with half using or downloading.

More than any other nation,
the Chinese like to keep their fingers on the pulse of all the latest news and
information (30 percent)

A third of Italians (28
percent) are among the most practical preferring to take apps rather than
guidebooks with them when on holiday.

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