Motorola Solutions Venture Capital invests in TRX Systems

Telecom Lead America: Motorola Solutions Venture Capital has invested in TRX Systems.

The TRX NEON Indoor Location System complements Motorola Solutions’ capabilities to improve safety for mission-critical users. The funding will enable Motorola Solutions to integrate the TRX NEON Indoor Location System with Motorola Solutions radios to expand commercial location applications.

Motorola Solutions’ investment is part of a nearly $2 million Series A investment round that includes New Dominion Angels, the Maryland Department of Economic Development and inside investors.

TRX Systems develops NEON, a personnel tracking system for delivering location of people who are indoors and in urban areas where GPS is unavailable or unreliable. NEON uses TRX sensor fusion and mapping to correlate information from an array of sensors, including magnetic, ranging, inertial, light, pressure, RF and GPS, and combines it with map information.

Carol Politi, president and CEO of TRX Systems

“TRX sensor fusion and mapping technology uniquely delivers 3D indoor location in environments where it is not possible to rely on pre-existing and networked infrastructure,” said Carol Politi, president and CEO of TRX Systems.

The funding will assist TRX Systems to increase investments in indoor location development and accelerate entry in new markets.

“The ability to locate personnel operating indoors and often in hazardous situations improves command effectiveness, increases personnel safety and ultimately saves lives,” said Mel Gaceta, investment manager, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital.

“TRX NEON indoor location technology uses sensor-fusion and map discovery technologies to deliver robust location estimates even without permanent infrastructure or comprehensive floor plans. This allows indoor location to be delivered when you do not control the building and when building infrastructure and maps are simply not reliable,” said Carole Teolis, TRX co-founder and chief technology officer.

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