mPowa rolls out service for Android and Apple operating systems

Telecom Lead America: mPowa, a company for mobile point
of sale, has rolled out mobile payments service for Android smartphones and
tablets, as well as Apple iPhones and iPads.

In order to use the service, customers with mPowa’s card
reader can go to the Android Google ‘Play Store’ and download the mPowa mobile
payment app to their phones.


The app allows the customers to make and accept card
payments by using any major credit or debit card on the go anywhere.


Dan Wagne, CEO and founder of mPowa, claims
that mPowa is the first to offer such an innovative and exciting mobile
payment solution for Android.  The device accepts all major credit and
debit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


The company offers a free mobile app and reader for mPowa
service that is able to turn any mobile phone into a mobile point of sale device.


The reader connects to a smartphone or mobile device
either by plugging into its headphone socket or via Bluetooth.


mPowa’s reader can either swipe a card’s magnetic strip
or use Chip and PIN technology. Increasing numbers of credit card companies
worldwide are introducing cards bearing a chip, so this is very important, both
locally and internationally where in many markets it is a requirement for


Wagne added that the extension to Android shows that
mPowa is a truly universal way of making and accepting mobile payments,
unlimited by geography, card issuer, operating
system, device, currency or method of verification.


mPowa to encroach US market share of Mobile Payment Service:
Powa Technologies


Recently, Powa Technologies, provider of mPowa service
claimed that the service will pose a serious challenge to those already
operating in the sector.


The company added that mPowa will encroach on the market
share held in the US by capitalizing on weaknesses of Square.


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