MTS India launches Election Tracker with analysis of political conversations on social media

MTS India  (Sistema Shyam TeleServices) today launched MTS Election Tracker, a live dashboard that showcases analysis of conversations on the social media about political parties and politicians.

The tracker provides real-time analysis by collating data from across the web as well as social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and tracks mentions of leading political parties and politicians.

The Election tracker displays data in the form of bar graphs, pie charts etc.

MTS India

Amitesh Rao, director Brand & Media – MTS India, said: “Election Tracker provides dynamic data regarding political parties, candidates, constituencies etc and showcases conversations in the social media on all the action relating to the General Elections 2014.”

MTS Election Tracker evaluates how each of these parties is engaging with their audience and the sentiments associated with them. The data offers an in-depth insight about social media presence of political parties.

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