MTS partners With UTV Indiagames to unveil Games on Demand through wireless broadband

UTV Indiagames has partnered with Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited (MTS) to
offer their Games on Demand service to all its MBlaze customers.

GoD is an online gaming subscription service provided via broadband.

MTS MBlaze users will get unlimited access to world class gaming content at a
price starting Rs 49 per month.

With the client once downloaded, the service allows the user to play the
offered games multiple times. This service will also give the user an
opportunity to play any game, anywhere, anytime.

The games offered on this
platform will be amongst the most popular game series currently available for
PC, Web and other media platforms like Need For speed, Battlefield 2, FIFA,
Cricket and many more.

“At MTS, our endeavour has been to cater to the demand of today’s -on the
move generation’ by providing seamless access to high speed mobile broadband as
well as high quality online content,” said Sergey Korobov, director, Value
Added Services & Product Development, MTS India.

Year-on-year there is a surge in wireless broadband connections in India thus
creating opportunity for delivering quality content to the ever increasing
users on the platform.

“GoD through wireless connection is the perfect fitment to reach out to
the users. With world class content provided across platforms through GoD we
want to make sure that users gain access to quality content across platforms,”
said Vishal Gondal, CEO, UTV Indiagames.

All gaming titles offered are official titles licensed from major global
publishers like EA, Codemasters, Microsoft, Atari spanning across genres like
Action, Arcade, Adventure, Racing, Sports etc.

As internet penetration in India is witnessing tremendous growth in the form of
Wireless Broadband connections there is a surge in the digital distribution of
content like video and games through this route.

The GoD service which offers more than 350 games across genres on an “all you
can eat model” is enhancing the service to a “download to own” model for
individual games.

By Team
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