Multicard partners with Rabobank to promote mobile payment solution in Holland


Multicard, a supplier of credential solutions, identity
management, and system integration services and a business unit of Identive
Group announced that it is partnering with the Dutch financial services company
Rabobank and the Royal Dutch Hockey Federation (KNHB) to kick off the first
consumer campaign promoting its Cashless Betalen mobile payment solution.


With more than 200,000 members, Holland’s 250 hockey
clubs are target customers for Multicard’s Cashless Betalen solution,
as are football clubs and other social communities where there are frequent
group activities paid for with shared funds.


At Rabobank’s booth at the Champions Trophy, visitors
will get a chance to see how the use of the Cashless Betalen mobile payment
solution could benefit their organizations via live demonstrations, promotional
films and materials, and for club leaders, hands-on trials.


Multicard will
provide near field communications (NFC) stickers to 1,000 club presidents and
other executives, which can be affixed to their smart phones to turn the
devices into digital wallets.


The wallets are preloaded with a small amount of funds
courtesy of Rabobank, which the club leaders can then spend to purchase
refreshments at the tournament, simply by touching their phones to a point of
sale reader at checkout.


Sports clubs and other groups are an important part of
social activity in Holland, and typically the whole team will go somewhere for
drinks and food after a practice or match much like in the U.S., where a
neighborhood baseball team will go out for pizza after the game.


Rather than have one person pay for everything and then
submit the receipt to the club for reimbursement, with Cashless Betalen the
sports club can have its own bank account and authorized representatives can
access, top up or check the balance of club funds using their NFC-enabled


Our ongoing interaction with users also allows us to
gain incremental sales as clubs purchase NFC stickers or wristbands for all
their members, local merchants sponsor clubs, etc,” said Pieter Kooistra,
managing director, Multicard Netherlands.


Multicard, Rabobank and the KNHB are kicking off two
promotional packages for hockey clubs at the Champions Trophy. Both packages
include a digital wallet from Rabobank and Multicard’sCashless Betalensolution,
which provides the secure interface to the digital wallet.


Cashless Betalen users will receive stickers, wristbands or
key fobs from Multicard that incorporate an NFC chip programmed with a unique
digital wallet account number. Multicard further provides ongoing management of
the digital wallet accounts, beginning with activation of accounts when users
log on to Multicard’s secure web portal.


The same web portal is used to deposit or transfer funds,
monitor transactions and check account balances. Rabobank’s innovative digital
wallet platform is highly secure and conforms to all banking regulatory
requirements for transactions, settlement and balance limits.


“Mobile payments are fast, easy and secure and
Multicard’sCashless Betalen solution is an important component of the roll-out
of our digital wallet platform in The Netherlands,” said Gertjan Rosken,
business development manager, Rabobank.


“In a recent Rabobank survey of target groups, 65
percent of hockey clubs would like to implement a cashless payment solution and
45percent would like to do so right away. Our joint sponsorship of the Rabo FIH
Champions Trophy is a unique opportunity to build awareness and demonstrate the
convenience and security of mobile payments for the consumer market,”
Rosken added.


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