NavStar Technologies sees great opportunity for PowerSports market segment


By Telecom
Lead Team:
NavStar Technologies, a provider of GPS solutions and
machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies, announced it has reported significant
growth in PowerSports market segment for 2011.


are pleased to report this positive news about growth in the market segment
that we are initially focused on in 2012,” said N. Douglas Pritt, chairman
& CEO, NavStar Technologies. The positive growth, coupled with the fact
that more 30,000 motorcycles/scooters are being stolen annually in the US and
Canada, makes our feature-rich, low cost product/service offering compelling
and affordable for everyone.”


McMahon, senior editor, Powersports Business, recently said PowerSports market
segment reversed a 5 year downward trend in 2011 and reported positive growth
led by dual sport motorcycles (14 percent) and scooters (12 percent).


Harley-Davidson released the 2011 U.S. retail sales data and reported that
sales of new Harley-Davidson motorcycles increased 5.8 percent to 151,683
units. BMW Motorrad delivered 104,286 motorcycles worldwide in 2011, the most
motorcycles ever delivered in the division’s nearly 90-year history.


line with these developments, NavStar Technologies is also preparing
for the launch of monitoring and tracking hardware and services specifically
targeted at this market segment. While the major focus of the NavStar device
and service is the recovery of stolen motorcycles and scooters, it can also be
used to track and monitor daily activity as well as display location and
movement on maps at NavStar’s website, which may be accessed utilizing a user’s
unique ID and password.


continued, “J D Power & Associates also reported this month that in
2011, 75 percent of all new motorcycles purchased were associated with a
trade-in which bodes well for NavStar as we will distribute and sell our
products and services through dealerships that are reselling these trade-ins,
giving us another opportunity for a product/service sale.”


are already 6.1M PowerSport owners in the US and the early reports for 2011
indicate that this number will increase, reversing a 5 year negative trend.


NavStar Technologies
announced it has developed a hardware platform to provide a cost effective
solution to address the Department of Transportation (DOT) mandate to
electronically record a driver’s “hours of service” via and
Electronic On Board Recorders (EOBR).


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