Nefsis virtualization technology benefits business video conferencing users



Nefsis announced the launch of new features for video conferencing end
users. Nefsis implementation adds feature-functional benefits to Internet video
conferencing participants’ experience.


“The genie is out of the bottle, cloud computing and online
services have already steamrollered CRM and several other product categories.
Video conferencing is next. Break-fix replacements aside, why would anyone
spend tens of thousands of dollars or more on fixed-site, limited-capacity
equipment when it’s simply not needed?” said Tom Toperczer, vice president
of Marketing, Nefsis.


“All these capabilities are executed by software anyway, which is
quickly migrating to the cloud. Today, all you need is a video peripheral,
computer, and Internet connection. Expensive infrastructure platforms, mixers
and video-specific routers are no longer part of the equation,” Toperczer


Nefsis global cloud virtualizes conference sessions on the best, nearby
physical server, thus reducing latency and improving video performance for
business applications. The software-based foundation also makes it easy to mix
and match multipoint HD video and live collaboration tools in the same
conference session.


The Nefsis cloud is accessible from any desktop or room, and Nefsis
provides support for all audio/video peripherals, including HD webcams and
pan-tilt-zoom conference room cameras.


Competing hardware-based products that provide equivalent capabilities
are fundamentally fixed-site, fixed-capacity components with no foundation for
easy scalability, reducing physical distances, or adding advanced collaboration


The improved benefits are derived from virtualization technology in
general, plus Nefsis cloud-based implementation details.


Nefsis recently announced that Secure TeleHealth has selected Nefsis cloud-based multipoint HD video conferencing technology for its
Telepsychiatry Platform solution.


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