Net Element launches new location-based mobile application

Net Element, a technology services provider and Internet
publisher, announced the launch of a new mobile phone application created by
students for the students.

The Yapik app, introduced this month as a pilot at
Florida International University (FIU), the University of Florida (UF), and the
University of Miami (UM), is slated to launch in 12 other schools in January
and nationwide in July 2012.

As the first location-based mobile commerce application
catering specifically to college students, Yapik offers a new, easier way for
students to find and barter goods and services within the context of the campus

Conceptualized by UM student Sabina Kaplan and University
of South Florida (USF) graduate Cristina Dominguez, the app enables students to
buy or sell products nearby, chat with other students, view content feeds,
create profiles and lists of “favourite” friends.

“I got the idea to create Yapik
as a college student at UM, because I knew firsthand that in college life, you
have to get what you need, quickly, easily and at the right price, or you’ll be
left behind,” said Kaplan, Yapik’s founder, a current University of Miami

“College students love their smartphones and love to
banter, barter, and buy. Yapik is the perfect college app for this. Yapik is
your campus connection in the palm of your hand,” Kaplan added.

The social app features geo-based and augmented reality
services in an easy-to-use platform that will enable users to: Create accounts
and have profiles that link them to their colleges. Post items for sale, trade
or barter. Post information about items they’re seeking. Engage in live chats
with other students to haggle, barter or negotiate for the items and Have
“favorites” lists of friends and buddies

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