Netxcell CEO: to add new services and geographies

Netxcell CEO Debasis Chatterji
Debasis Chatterji, CEO of Netxcell, said the company will be adding new services for telecoms and expand presence to new geographies.

He said voice services growth in India will reach a peak and get stabilized in the near future and the industry is likely to witness some consolidation as the competition becomes tougher.

He said the internet revolution in India is happening on the mobile today. The smartphone boom coupled with technology like 4G will further disrupt the market in the coming years. Major share of revenues will now come from data going forward. However, there will be a lot of growth on mobile data front.

According to Chatterji, India’s telecom sector faces many challenges. One of it is the limitation for operators to expand their infrastructure. Another challenge is the increased demand for spectrum and the conditions from regulatory bodies on operators to provide better infrastructures with more investments. The third and the most important challenge is revenue generation with majority of the market being prepaid; the challenge is to not just acquire customers but even to retain the existing customers.

Explaining the roadmap for the company expansion plans, Chatterji said Netxcell will expand its business in terms of geography and types of services it offer.

“Since last two years we have been expanding our base from 3-4 locations in India to now 6-8 locations. We have our presence in all major cities in India. We also have a significant presence in Africa and are soon to expand to more developing nations,” he added.

Since last one year, Netxcell’s strategy was to make its solutions 4G ready before 4G was implemented in the market. Chatterji added that Netxcell’s servers are capable of handling many times the amount of scale / volumes that 4G is set to bring in. According to him, Netxcell’s strategy for this year is to strengthen business analytics aided solutions.

With regard to revenue generation, Chatterji said the company’s Campaign Management tool is directly responsible for enhancing the tertiary revenue of the operator.

“For one operator we have been able to enhance the tertiary by almost 2.5 X within a period of 4 months. This is a direct revenue addition for the operator by offering some benefits to the subscribers. So, this is a win-win situation for the operators and subscribers,” said Netxcell’s CEO.

Arya MM
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