Neustar demos its full range of mobile cloud solutions at Mobile World Congress 2012

Telecomlead Team:
  Neustar, a provider of
real-time information and analysis to the Internet and telecommunications, has
announced it is showcasing a full range of mobile cloud solutions at Mobile
World Congress 2012.


Neustar will show how financial institutions can
harness the Neustar Intelligent Cloud and other Neustar services to better
manage prepaid gift cards.


The demonstration includes the latest Neustar
Intelligent Cloud Location service along with five new mobile services.


The company said that after the launch of its Intelligent
Cloud service at last year’s Mobile World Congress exhibition, major operators
across the United States and Canada have been integrated into the service.


The company added that mobile application providers can
now reach over 325 million mobile subscribers through just one connection with


Neustar’s newly announced Location Services suite
includes integrated privacy protection tools, enabling mobile developers to adhere
to industry best practices, mobile operators’ requirements, and government
directives to protect consumer privacy.


With the Neustar Intelligent Cloud services, Neustar
provides a comprehensive toolkit that helps operators, brands, and mobile
application providers deliver services to consumers without compromising their
privacy standards.


At MWC, the company is demonstrating its financial
Services, mobile enterprise services and Geofence for marketing campaigns.



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