NewSoft launches new versions of Presto! BizCard for iPhone and Android

Telecom Lead Team:
NewSoft, a provider of
productivity-enhancing software, has launched Presto! BizCard 2.0 for iPhone
and Android. The apps enable efficient image capture with business card contact

BizCard 2.0 allows users to easily scan and add business cards directly into
iPhone or Android phones using advanced OCR technology and steady mode for the
most accurate image capture.

Once business
card information is captured by taking a picture of the card, or a card is
selected from the phone library, BizCard 2.0 then stores the business card on
the smart phone.

With mobile
phone use exploding – particularly iOS and Android-based phones- business and
consumer users expect more functionality from their smart phones. The Presto!
BizCard family significantly expands the utility of smart phones with powerful,
all-in-one business card management solutions,” said Johnson Yang, general
manager of NewSoft America.

information captured from the card can be efficiently managed by exporting
contact information directly to Google Contacts and Salesforce. Also, the app
can quickly retrieve business cards by swiping the image or via Smart Search.
The app applies OCR after capturing the business card and distributes the
correct data in the correct fields.

The business
card is then used as an index, which enables a user to simply finger touch and
hold on the business card image for 1.5 seconds to initiate the Finger-tick

With Presto!
BizCard 2.0’s patented Finger-Tick Dialing technology, making a phone call,
sending regular or vCard email or SMS in both plain text and image formats,
opening URLs or pinpointing an address on a map are as easy as touching and
holding different parts of the appropriate image.

Presto! BizCard 2.0 for iPhone and Android are priced at$3.99 through Apple’s
App store and Google’s Android market.


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