Nimbuzz launches SMS based push notification for all telecom operators in India

By Telecom Lead Team:
Nimbuzz, a provider of communication and entertainment app, has launched
Nimbuzz Ping, a SMS-based a push notification, for all operators in India.

Ping allows feature phone users to appear online to their friends and receive
free SMS alerts when someone in their Nimbuzz community wants to get in touch,
even when the user is offline.

Nimbuzz Ping was initially been made
available to its users on Idea Cellular and Aircel  networks in India.
With the introduction of Nimbuzz Ping service, the company observed an increase
in conversations upto 250 percent. 

Nimbuzz Ping empowers over four billion feature
phones in use today with smartphone functionality, and brings
push-notifications to the 400 million (Nokia) Symbian smartphones and Java
phones, which currently lack this feature.

“Nimbuzz has a legacy in the business of
instant communication and we are continuously innovating to keep our users
engaged. It gives us immense pleasure to bring Nimbuzz Ping across all operators,
thus ensuring a better user interface. This development is an evidence of
our understanding and leadership in the business of instant messaging and we
would look forward to have continued support from our members, partners and
other stakeholders,” said Jamshed V. Rajan, country head, Nimbuzz India.

Nimbuzz Ping is free for users to enable inside
Nimbuzz and complements Nimbuzz’s “always-on” product nature. With
Nimbuzz Ping, users appear online and available to their contacts even when the
Nimbuzz app is closed. When one of their contacts wants to reach them, Nimbuzz
Ping delivers a free SMS message to their home screens, prompting the user to
log in to Nimbuzz and start a data session to communicate.

Nimbuzz Ping is targeted to the mass market of
feature phones and optimized to work on low bandwidth networks. Ping also
allows users of these types of phones to stay connected while preserving
battery power.

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