Nuance brings voice to Waze app for iPhone and Android


Nuance Communications announced that the Waze social
mapping and navigation apps for iPhone and Android are powered by Nuance’s
text-to-speech to provide turn-by-turn directions and traffic alerts.


Waze integrated Nuance’s Vocalizer Network, an innovative
connected text-to-speech technology, through Nuance’s Vocalizer Studio.


The real-time traffic source of choice by more than five
million drivers, Waze is a free social mobile application providing turn-by-turn navigation based on
the live conditions of the road, and is completely powered by the Waze user


By integrating Nuance’s Vocalizer Network cloud-based
text-to-speech technology, Waze iPhone and Android app consumers are able to
engage in a safer, smarter driving experience with upcoming traffic alerts and
directions read aloud – enabling drivers to keep two hands on the wheel, and
two eyes on the road.


With millions around the world relying on Waze for
up-to-the-minute traffic updates and turn-by-turn navigation, we needed to
ensure the best possible user experience behind the wheel. By integrating
Nuance’s cloud-based text-to-speech technology, we were able to quickly update,
enhance and customize our iPhone and Android applications with natural,
humanlike voices that provide the guidance our consumers demand,” said Uri
Levine, founder and president, Waze.


Vocalizer Network is Nuance’s robust cloud-based
text-to-speech service leveraged by leading global enterprises that has now
been optimized for HTTP-connected mobile devices to deliver the readback of
street names, route numbers, city, towns, traffic alert details, and much more.
And because it’s in the cloud, Vocalizer Network is device independent,
enabling developers like Waze to quickly and easily voice-enable their


Waze integrated Vocalizer Network with Nuance’s Vocalizer
Studio, a suite of easy-to-use graphical tools that delivers more control and
customization over text-to-speech audio output. With Vocalizer Studio,
developers like Waze are able to monitor and evaluate output, adjust text
processing and pronunciations, and fine-tune speech output by customizing
intonation and expressivity.


Apps like Waze are incredibly dynamic, with lots of
content and information being delivered to consumers all day, every day on
multiple platforms, and giving them a voice can be challenging if the speech
technology isn’t flexible or customizable,” said Matt Revis, vice president of
Product Marketing and Management, Nuance Mobile.


Vocalizer Network and Vocalizer Studio takes full
advantage of the power of the cloud to bring our robust text-to-speech
capabilities to a broad range of apps, devices and platforms in over 40
languages, faster and easier than ever before possible,” Revis added.


Nuance Communications recently announced that its FlexT9
keypad is shipping
on the new Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet. Customized for the Android-based Lenovo
ThinkPad Tablet, FlexT9’s unique multimodal design lets users choose how they
input text to stay connected whether they trace it, tap it or write it.


Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet allows on-the-go business
professionals to remain productive wherever work takes them. With FlexT9,
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet users now have the ability to take advantage of Nuance’s
renowned predictive input portfolio that features T9 Trace continuous touch, T9
Write handwriting, and XT9 predictive text.


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