Nuance drives smarter in-car connectivity for BWA Germany


Nuance Communications announced that its automotive voice
technologies power BMW ConnectedDrive, which now keeps BMW drivers connected to
friends, family and colleagues when they’re on the go.


Nuance’s connected text-to-speech technology enables the
readout of emails, text messages, Facebook and Twitter status updates, and RSS
news feeds, minimizing distractions while allowing drivers to take advantage of
BMW’s in-car connectivity features.


BMW ConnectedDrive gives drivers the option to stay
connected by simply pushing the ‘Play’ button to have emails, text messages,
status updates and newsfeeds read aloud with Nuance’s natural, multilingual and
humanlike text-to-speech technology. And because it’s available in up to 14
different languages including US and UK English, German, French, and Italian,
drivers around the world are able to stay connected, yet less distracted.


Nuance’s text-to-speech also reads aloud daily, weekly
and monthly appointments in their iPhone Calendar as part of the feature of the
free BMW Connected app that lets drivers also listen to streaming Internet
radio. The BMW Connected app is accessible as part of BMW’s iDrive Controller.


Mobile consumers crave constant contact, and often find
that they’re immediately disconnected as soon as they enter their car,” said
Arnd Weil, general manager and vice president,
Nuance Automotive.


Drivers are demanding in-car systems and mobile apps
that not only keep them connected, but also minimize manual and visual
distractions. Our robust and incredibly natural connected text-to-speech
technologies do just that – give drivers more options and more connectivity
from anywhere,” Weil added.


Nuance’s voice technologies have long been available as
part of BMW’s infotainment systems supporting a range of capabilities, from
simple voice dialing to innovative one-shot destination and music search entry.


Nuance Communications recently announced that its FlexT9
keypad is shipping
the new Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet. Customized for the Android-based Lenovo
ThinkPad Tablet, FlexT9’s unique multimodal design lets users choose how they
input text to stay connected whether they trace it, tap it or write it.


Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet allows on-the-go business
professionals to remain productive wherever work takes them. With FlexT9,
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet users now have the ability to take advantage of Nuance’s
renowned predictive input portfolio that features T9 Trace continuous touch, T9
Write handwriting, and XT9 predictive text.

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