Nuance powers hands-free genius button on T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide


Nuance Communications announced that Nuance’s natural
language voice technology adds new features and enhanced capabilities to the
Genius Button and Hands-Free mode innovations on the new T-Mobile myTouch 4G


The new Android powered smartphone only from T-Mobile
includes new Genius Button features of voice-activated, hands-free wake-up
commands and music search.


With the Nuance innovations
in the T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide, customers can now engage the Genius Button
using their voice alone through a new wake-up command capability supported in
Hands-Free mode.


When Hands Free mode is active and the phone is put into
an always-listening mode, customers can then wake-up” the smartphone with the
command of Genius Button” to quickly send text and email messages, get
directions, search the Web and find businesses completely hands-free and
eyes-free while multitasking or for smarter connectivity while driving.


Customers can also access music they have downloaded onto
the myTouch 4G Slide using the Genius Button and Hands-Free mode. People search
their personal music collection on the device by saying the name of the song,
artist, album, or playlist.


Hands-Free mode powered by Nuance also allows people to
speak to initiate an SMS text message, have text messages read out as they’re
received, reply to text messages, and of course, send them.


Hands-Free mode offers the read back of dictated messages
to confirm accuracy, providing users the option to easily edit the dictated
message as needed. And with Hands-Free mode’s voice-activated caller
announcement, users can hear both contact names and numbers without having to
look at the phone.


Genius Button’s one-shot voice capabilities allow
myTouch customers to simply speak and get instant access to their favorite
applications, like email and text messaging, Web search, navigation and now
music,” said Andrew Morrison, vice president, product management, T-Mobile USA.


Voice has proven to be an incredibly easy, productive
and compelling way to engage the most popular applications on T-Mobile myTouch
smartphones and with the new wake up command and music access on the myTouch 4G
Slide, it’s gotten even better,” said Michael Thompson, senior vice president
and general manager, Nuance Mobile.


Nuance and T-Mobile have worked together to enable the
deep integration of Nuance’s hybrid embedded-connected speech capabilities, so
with just one simple press of a button or spoken wake up command, people get
access to the features they want no apps to search for or menus to browse,”
Thompson added.


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