Nuance powers iPhone, iPod touch and iPad voice dictation features

Telecom Lead America: Nuance Communications announced
that Snapguide app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad features voice dictation powered
by Nuance.

Nuance said Snapguide is the latest app to integrate
Nuance voice technology via the Dragon Mobile SDK and the NDEV Mobile Developer
program. The new app allows people to dictate the text for visual captions.

By integrating Dragon voice recognition, Snapguide allows
users to speak the text accompanying the visual elements of their own how-to
guides. Snapguide is available for free on the Apple App Store.

The concept of Snapguide is deep rooted in the ability
to create, show and share simple step-by-step instructions for anything. By
integrating the Dragon voice recognition technology, people can create guides
and share them in the simplest way possible by speaking,” said Daniel Raffel,
founder, Snapguide.

Consumers love the ability to speak to their phones and
apps. NDEV Mobile empowers social app developers like Snapguide to deliver that
experience to their users,” said Matt Revis, vice president and general
manager, handset business, Nuance Mobile.

Nuance’s Dragon Mobile SDK allows developers bring
voice-enabled apps to market. Dragon Mobile SDK powers the voice recognition
and speech-to-text capabilities of some of the most popular apps on the market,
including Price Check by Amazon, Kraft Foods’ iFood Assistant, Ask for iPhone,
Merriam-Webster,, Shopping List from, OnStar
RemoteLink, iTranslate, Bon’App, and more.

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