Nuance powers New Bon’App for iPhone


Nuance Communications announced that its Dragon Mobile
SDK is powering the voice search capabilities in Bon’App, a new app for the
iPhone that aims to change the way people think about and search for healthy
food options.


Bon’App is the latest graduate of the Nuance Mobile
Developer Program, which provides developers with access to the renowned Dragon
Mobile SDK that features the core speech recognition capabilities found in the
successful Dragon Apps.


Developed by Laurent Adamowicz, a Harvard University
Advanced Leadership Initiative Fellow, along with a team of Harvard graduate
students, Bon’App serves as a nutritionist in your pocket,” drawing on the
expertise of medical professionals, registered dietitians, and nutritionists to
provide individualized suggestions that help consumers eat more healthfully.


Searching for healthy dining options is easier with
Bon’App’s voice search capabilities powered by Dragon. Just say pizza” to see
a list of local restaurants offering that food, as well as nutritional details
on the dishes they offer.


People can also use the voice recognition feature to
dictate their own recipes, so that instructions for Grandma’s roast chicken are
always close at hand.


Bon’App was designed to make it easier than ever to
quickly access and enjoy healthy foods tailored to an individual’s lifestyle,
no matter where she or he is  at home, at work, or on the go. By
integrating Nuance’s voice capabilities, we’re able to enhance Bon’App’s user
experience so that our consumers can simply speak the name of a food or
ingredient, like chocolate or cheese, to find what they are craving,” said
Laurent Adamowicz, president and CEO, Bon’App.


The Nuance Mobile Developer Program’s success lies in
part with the fact that virtually any developer can voice-enable any app – and
in a matter of days,” said Matt Revis, vice president of product management and
marketing, Nuance Mobile.


Bon’App demonstrates the flexibility and possibilities of
voice search powered by Dragon to enhance the user interface and personalize
the mobile app experience and their overall mobile lifestyle.


With the Dragon Mobile SDK, developers can bring any
voice-enabled app to market, even if they have never implemented speech
technology before.


The Dragon Mobile SDK powers the voice recognition and
text-to-speech capabilities of some of the most popular apps on the market,
including Siri, Price Check by Amazon, Ask for iPhone, Merriam-Webster,, SpeechTrans, Aisle411, AirYell, Yellow Pages by Avantar,
iTranslate, Taskmind, CapnTrans, EZ CM by EZ Connector, and others.


Nuance’s mobile voice technology, featured as part of the
Dragon Mobile SDK and renowned Dragon Mobile Apps family, brings the power of Dragon
NaturallySpeaking to a variety of applications and services supporting a broad
range of languages.


Nuance Communications recently
announced that its Nuance Mobile Developer Program continues to launch
voice-enabled apps for iOS and Android, most recently the Yellow Pages app from
Avantar, EZ CM Connect and CapnTrans.


The Nuance Mobile Developer
Program has engaged more than 3,000 iOS and Android developers looking
to voice-enable their apps with the power of Dragon.


By Team
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