Nuance to power U.S. Cellular voice mail to text service

By Telecom
Lead Team:
U.S. Cellular and Nuance Communications announced the launch of U.S.
Cellular’s new voice mail to text service, powered by Nuance’s fully-automated
Dragon Voicemail-to-Text platform.

U.S. Cellular’s voice mail to text service allows subscribers to read their
voice messages via text message or email on their mobile phone.


Our customers
are busy and always on the go, and want to stay connected to their friends and
family. With our new Voice Mail to Text service, our customers can get more
done quickly and get back to what’s most important to them,” said Jennifer
Micek, senior director of the product group for U.S. Cellular.


The service
lets users discreetly check their voice mail without the tedious retrieval
steps, or having to listen to and skip multiple unimportant messages.


With the help
of voice mail to text service people can easily respond to voice mail via text
or email when calling back isn’t an option. If necessary, voice mail to text
also offers the ability to listen to the original audio.


Voicemail-to-Text is known for quickly and conveniently making people more
responsive, and simply eliminating the need to ever retrieve voice mail. And
because it’s powered by Dragon – you always get the message,” said John
Pollard, general manager and vice president, voice to text services, Nuance Mobile.


Dragon voice-to-text services portfolio features the same core speech
technology at the heart of Nuance’s renowned Dragon Mobile apps and Dragon

Cellular’s Voice Mail to Text is available and free to subscribers as a 30-day
trial. The service is $2.99 per month after the 30-day free trial.


Recently, Nuance Communications announced a ten-year partnership with and Gracenote to
accelerate voice innovations and next-generation solutions for interactive
music and video experiences on phones, tablets, in cars, on smart TVs, and in
the cloud.

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