Numerex launches new location-based services platform

Telecom Lead America: Numerex, a provider of secure
machine-to-machine (M2M) products and services, has unveiled its new
location-based services (LBS) platform.

The new platform is expected to provide enterprises with
secure, scalable solutions for monitoring, tracking and recovering a wide
variety of mobile assets.

The LBS platform addresses the needs of agriculture,
transportation, construction and many other industries seeking to implement
cost-effective tracking and monitoring solutions for mobile or semi-mobile

Numerex’s LBS platform provides asset visibility and
control from one easy-to-use, multilingual, web-based portal. It supports
highly configurable applications, integrating to several long-life battery- and
vehicle-powered M2M devices connected through both cellular and satellite

The cost of setting up and deploying a solution requiring
cellular or satellite coverage used to break the business model except for very
high value assets. With its new LBS platform users can show a return on
investment even for assets worth only a few thousand dollars.

Numerex is opening a new segment of the market with a
horizontal platform approach, making economical solutions available for a broad
array of needs and markets – from tracking a shipping container, to a
construction site generator, to a snowmobile trailer, to almost anything,”
said Darren Koenig, vice president of marketing and products at Numerex.

Numerex said it can manage the entire process from
development through deployment, allowing customers to focus on their core
business. In addition to its robust platform and connectivity infrastructure,
Numerex provides end-to-end support including application development,
integration and implementation. Customers benefit from flow-through account
management, 24/7 call-center support, and dedicated project launch resources to
ensure smooth deployments and overall reliability.

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