OnMobile buys AI company Technologies rob0

OnMobile Global has agreed to acquire AI company Technologies rob0 for an investment of CAD 1,000,000.
OnMobile businessThis transaction will allow rob0 to accelerate its growth as the one of the innovative AI-powered visual retention analytics solution providers for video game developers. Some of the clients of rob0 team include games companies such as Electronic Arts, Gameloft and Twitch. Richard Rispoli is the co-founder and CEO of Technologies rob0 Inc.

OnMobile aims to become a leader in the mobile gaming market. At present, OnMobile offers subscription-based games and kids apps to more than 50 telecom carriers in over 30 countries.

rob0’s AI-powered visual retention technology allows game developers to detect the exact moment in gameplay where users stop playing, saving them hundreds of hours of observation time and minimizing significantly their go-to-market risks.

“The combination of OnMobile and rob0 will provide immediate business value and will be the springboard to our enriched mobile gaming offering,” said Francois-Charles Sirois, chairman and chief executive officer of OnMobile Global.