OnMobile launches karaoke contest over phone in Morocco

OnMobile Global, a provider of telecom
value-added services (VAS), has launched its KaraoPhone application with Jet
Multimedia Morocco.

Irrespective of the handset, a subscriber
can call OnMobile’s Karaophone service, select a song, sing along, and get a
score and a rank, enabling comparison with other players.

Karaophone ranks scores through detailed
sub scores, provides performance feedback and also allows subscribers to listen
to the recording of their songs.

OnMobile’s language agnostic audio
recognition makes this service easy to deploy in any language across the world.

Another operator in Mali will also deploy
KaraoPhone on their entertainment voice portal.

“Africa is a high-growth value-added
services market and we are happy to extend our offerings to mobile subscribers
in Morocco,” said Arvind Rao, CEO, Chairman & Co-founder, OnMobile.

With Karaoke being popular in the European
and Asian countries, the next trend in the mobile industry is enabling people
to enjoy entertainment services on their mobile phones that are connected to
their social networks.

With Karaophone being deployed for its
customers in India, Malaysia and France, OnMobile is pioneering the convergence
of entertainment with mobile and social environments, thus augmenting its
reputation as a global leader in the Value Added Services space.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]