OnMobile mobile application assists during emergencies

VAS major OnMobile has launched Help Me on Mobile, a free mobile application that will assist in fighting crime and calling for help during emergencies.

The free application will be useful women, children, young adults and senior citizens.

Help Me on Mobile ensures safety during medical emergencies, crime situations (eve-teasing, theft, rape, stalking, etc.) and accidents (road accidents, fire and other mishaps).

The free application features two services — I am here and I need help — designed to ensure personal safety of an individual and is easily accessible from a single place.

Help Me on Mobile aims to equip consumers with a safety application on their phones without having to look for an external source. Users can get assistance in tracking location, sending panic alerts to chosen family and friends, trigger off panic alarms and more.


“The app offers essential safety features that can be used both in everyday life and emergency situations. We hope to have this app reside on every handset,” said Mouli Raman, co-founder and CEO of OnMobile.

The I am Here service lets family of the user track his/her location while the I need Help service raises an alarm in crisis situations and simultaneously sends alerts to family and friends.

Help Me on Mobile can be downloaded on lower end mobile phones as well.

Help Me on Mobile is currently available for the Android platform and will be available on both Symbian and Java platforms.

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