OnMobile signs VAS deal with MTN to deploy RBT services

African telecom major MTN has signed a VAS deal with OnMobile Global to deploy RBT services for MTN subscribers over the next quarter.

As the preferred CRBT partner, OnMobile will deploy RBT services for MTN subscribers over the next quarter and will replace the entire service over the next 24 – 30 months in select geographies.

“OnMobile’s understanding of local markets and consumer requirements were game-changers that clinched our decision,” said Pieter C Verkade, chief commercial officer of MTN Group.

MTN signs VAS deal with OnMobile to deploy RBT

MTN’s strategy is to offer a more impactful user experience to their mobile subscribers. MTN has grown rapidly into one of the world’s leading mobile phone operators, with more than 190m subscribers in operations stretching across 22 countries.

OnMobile’s RBT features which include search and discovery options, storefronts, and live stream content.

“MTN Group will migrate their RBT services across 22 countries. We will also increase our global footprint by another 14 countries through this partnership,” said Sanjay Bhambri, chief commercial officer, OnMobile Global. ( Sanjay Bhambri, CCO, OnMobile: to expand global footprint )

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