Ozonetel Systems launches new version of Kookoo.in

Ozonetel Systems, a provider of cloud telephony technology
in India, announced the release of the next version
of Kookoo.in, India’s first hosted telephony platform in the cloud. The
key objective of Kookoo is to address the lack of telephony systems prevailing
today, by making telephony functions accessible through a common web platform.

Kookoo functions as an interface between
the web application and the caller by taking phone commands from one end
(caller) and executes on the web. After allowing businesses to build innovative
phone applications, KooKoo now provides another channel for businesses to
interact with their customers by integrating incoming and outgoing SMS.

KooKoo can now offer 10 digit numbers so
that customers can send SMSes to the businesses who are leasing this
platform. Kookoo.in is providing an innovative way of telephony functions
for web programmers to enable web/e-commerce sites to offer telephone channel
as a mechanism to service customers.

The big advantage with Kookoo is the “Pay per
use” model. If your business is successful and you get more calls, then
you pay more. If not, you just pay rental. In the short span of its launch
since August 2010, Kookoo has 1,000 registered developers and 100 customers who
have built voice services such as IVR and PBX systems.

Even though India is the second largest and the fastest
growing telecom market in the world today, with over 740 million telephone
users, we have only 50 million Internet users. We realized that Telephony
systems have lagged behind because of exorbitant setup costs and maintaining
them. We saw an opportunity to develop a system which addresses this problem by
making telephony functions accessible through common web programming languages.
Today, we are happy and confident that advanced version of
helps the company’s with web based companies to scale up their business through
telephony,”said CSN Murthy founder and CEO,
Ozonetel Systems.

Kookoo service is currently available in all the key
centers like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune and
shortly extended to Cochin and Ahmadabad. KooKoo users can now get local
numbers from all these locations and build their voice services like IVR and
PBX systems.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]