PhoneFactor launches Android authentication app for smartphones and tablets



Telecom Lead Team:
PhoneFactor, a global
provider of multi-factor authentication, has launched the Android version
of its authentication app for smartphones and tablets.


PhoneFactor’s completely out-of-band
authentication platform also includes phone call and text message options.


“Smartphones and tablets are the multi-tool of
today’s professional generation. Busy hyper-taskers use them for everything
from checking email and paying bills to remotely performing complex and high
risk job tasks. The PhoneFactor App makes multi-factor authentication
second-nature for them,” said Tim Sutton, CEO of PhoneFactor.


The PhoneFactor app works by pushing a notification to
the user’s smartphone or tablet. Instantly, an alert pops up on the user’s
device. The user simply taps “Authenticate” (or enters a PIN and taps
“Authenticate”) in the PhoneFactor App to verify account logins and


In order to report fraud, the user can simply tap the
“Report Fraud” option instead to block the attacker and alert the
company’s fraud response team.


The PhoneFactor App works anywhere the user’s mobile
device is connected to either a cellular or a Wi-Fi network.


company launched the PhoneFactor app for iPhones and iPads last year. The app
adds a third method of securing account logins and transactions using a phone.


Smartphones and tablets have become an extension of daily
life for hundreds of millions of people worldwide.


Using these same devices to provide multi-factor
authentication is preferred by users over carrying security
tokens and more convenient than certificates that requires the user to be
on their work or home computer, the company added.


People whose companies use PhoneFactor can download the
PhoneFactor App in the Apple App Store or the Android Marketplace for free.


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