Podio iPhone application unleashes mobile productivity

Podio, a work platform where anyone can create apps to
get their job done, announced the launch of a new iPhone application to make
those user-built apps mobile.

Podio’s web-based app builder can create social work apps
for mobile devices, allowing anyone to work the way they want, where they want.

has already demonstrated the power of having end-users create work apps. The BBC
called the Podio launch in March a citizen developers” movement. Since launch,
Podio’s users have created apps to manage sales leads, execute projects,
deliver software, recruit talent, and perform thousands of other
company-specific business activities.

These apps are built to be social, supporting new ways of
being productive through rich commenting, activity streams, and group spaces.

Our users have created and modified over 200,000 apps
since our launch in March. They’ve created apps for virtually every industry,
every function, and every type of organization. Now, our users can use these
apps anywhere, and create thousands of new apps to support mobile
productivity,” said Tommy Ahlers, CEO, Podio.

Podio recently announced that it secured
$4M in Series A funding. Sunstone Capital led the round with the intention that
the funds will be used to further develop the product and hire key employees.

Described by many as a new disruptive technology player
in the Enterprise 2.0 space, Podio is redefining the market by providing a
highly-customizable web-based work environment that is used to answer a wide
variety of needs – from company intranets and extranets, project management and
recruiting solutions, to CRM, business intelligence and company-wide social

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]