Polaris Wireless launches mobile location surveillance application

Telecom Lead @ CTIA Wireless 2012: Polaris Wireless, a
provider of software-based wireless location solutions, has launched Altus
Mobile, a mobile location surveillance application.

Altus Mobile is designed to provide accurate mass
location of all mobile devices operating on a cellular network, on-demand
location, subscriber device tracking, and geo-fence capabilities to field
agents on their mobile devices.

This application is powered by Polaris Wireless Location
Signatures advanced technology and is the latest feature of Altus, the
intelligent surveillance application suite for law enforcement and intelligence
agencies worldwide. Altus provides users the ability to locate all subscriber
devices in a wireless network in real time and on a historical basis.

Altus Mobile is the next step in the evolution of
location-enabled surveillance. Field agents now have a robust toolkit that
provides two-way interaction, increases effectiveness, and ultimately saves
lives,” said Mahesh Patel, senior vice president of technology and products at
Polaris Wireless.

Altus Mobile allows field agents to simultaneously track
suspects on a Smartphone or tablet, and make life-or-death decisions in real
time by receiving up-to-date intelligence from headquarters.

Polaris Wireless Location Signatures (WLS) solution
identifies the location of a wireless device to within 50 meters, at low cost, even
in tough urban and indoor environments. Polaris Wireless also provides its
customers regular product enhancements and updates, and 24/7 technical and
operational support to better monitor and improve the performance of its

Polaris WLS is designed to scale as an operator’s network
grows, providing location capabilities in 2G (GSM/CDMA), 3G (UMTS/CDMA 2000),
and emerging 4G LTE air interfaces, as well as indoor technologies such as
Wi-Fi, DAS, and Femtocells.

Polaris Wireless ensures that an operator’s critical
ability to accurately locate all wireless devices will evolve alongside its
network evolution.

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