Portugal Telecom selects Intersec’s geolocation solution for LBS

Telecom Lead Europe: Portugal Telecom has selected Intersec’s geolocation solution called IGLOO to generate new source of revenue through location based services (LBS).

For Portugal Telecom, LBS is a strong focus area. Location based services revenues are expected to grow to almost $10 billion globally in the next two years.

Portugal Telecom CEO recently said the company will lower Capex (capital expenditure) in 2013 to below €500 million. Portugal Telecom’s Capex in 2012 declined by 18 percent to to €1.317 billion from €1.224 billion , reflecting lower Capex in the Portuguese business — down 14.1 percent to €555 million.

The decline in Capex in Portugal was due to the end of modernization process of infrastructure and networks and investments in future proof technologies and networks occurred in previous years. In 2012, its Capex amounted roughly 20 percent of revenues.

Intersec, a software vendor enabling telecom operators to derive value from their network big data, says IGLOO consolidates real-time intelligence from the mobile operator’s network including subscriber location information on a mass scale.

Residing in the telecom operator network, IGLOO aggregates and manages subscriber and location information to enable the creation of location-based services.

By collecting the metadata from the operators’ network and integrating active geolocation capabilities, operators such as Portugal Telecom or additional third parties will be able to use these insights for geomarketing, urban planning and density maps. This information does not reflect, in any circumstance, personal or confidential information, supporting its value and features in anonymous and collective data

Yann Chevalier, CEO at Intersec, said: “By combining location data with other types of data such as mobile events captured from wireless networks, innovative companies such as Portugal Telecom are given the potential to gain new and incremental insights into their customers’ situations, predictive behavior, and patterns; to provide a personalized experience to subscribers.”


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