Qualcomm launches augmented reality platform Vuforia

Telecom Lead America:
Qualcomm has launched Vuforia, an augmented reality platform.

The new platform transforms real-world objects into
interactive experiences.

It is available in more than 1,000 applications in the last
12 months.

With nearly 30,000 registered developers from more than 130
countries, the Vuforia platform continues to drive a new generation of mobile
experiences that delight users and enhance the value of print media and
advertising, consumer products and packaging, and educational materials.

“Developers are proving that augmented reality uniquely
enables a wide range of fun and useful experiences. We continue to see that
leading consumer product companies are incorporating the Vuforia platform into
their future product development and marketing plans because they see the value
in bringing experiences to life,” said Jay Wright, senior director of
business development at Qualcomm.

The Vuforia platform adds value for consumer-facing
companies by driving engagement across multiple customer touch points,
including printed advertising, products and packaging, and in retail

The Vuforia platform is enabling real-world interactivity
for a number of brands, including: Anheuser-Busch, Audi, Johnson & Johnson,
Lowe’s Canada, Maybelline, Nike, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Taco Bell
and Virgin Media.

Johnson & Johnson’s Band-Aid Magic Vision app brings
BAND-AID adhesive bandages to life with Disney’s Muppets. The app is designed
to provide an entertaining distraction from pain and create a branded
experience that is differentiated from competitors.

“We have always seen BAND-AID as magical. By using the
Vuforia platform, the magic has been taken to a whole new level,” said Sean
Adee, product manager, Johnson & Johnson.

Lowe’s Canada created an app that helps consumers
visualize appliances in their home using a printed Lowe’s flier.

“Using augmented reality to create a 3D experience in
our retail flyer was a first for us and for Canada. Doing something as a
first is always a little daunting. However, the Vuforia platform worked
flawlessly and we saw a positive impact on our brand from providing a really
engaging consumer experience. The Lowe’s Canada augmented
reality app was listed as one of the top 10 free business apps in the Canada
Apple Store during the promotion,” said Sonny Kekelj, director of digital
marketing, Lowe’s Canada.

WowWee, a toy manufacturer and developer of the
revolutionary Robosapien robot, has incorporated the Vuforia platform into an
app for their new Foam Fighters toy. 

“Vuforia allows us to build the bridge between
real-world toys and the digital gaming experience. With Foam Fighters, kids
unlock specific missions with their toy plane, and then fly it in a completely
new digital dogfighting experience,” said Mike Gonzales, creative
director, WowWee.

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