Samsung new Secu-NFC chip enables secure mobile payment

Samsung Electronics announced the launch of its new system-in-package (SIP)
near field communications (NFC) chip, the SENHRN1.

The new Secu-NFC chip combines a NFC controller and a secure element storing
personal information and security keys with advanced encryption technologies.

NFC-enabled mobile phones are expected to reach 34 million units in 2011 and at
a 75 percent compound annual growth rate to reach 552 million units by 2016 of
which up to 78 percent would be comprised of secure NFC enabled handsets with
the embedded secure element, according to ABI Research.

“Mobile payment, ticketing, data sharing, electronic ID card functions are some
of the diverse user services enabled by NFC technology, which is becoming a key
service enabler on emerging convergence technologies,” said Dojun Rhee, vice
president of System LSI marketing, Device Solutions, Samsung Electronics.

Samsung’s new secure NFC solution with its high data storage capacity provides consumers
with ample room to expand operation service and features to deliver the
ultimate user experience.

The new solution is based on Samsung’s experience in smartcard ICs, which
involves advanced RF sensitivity features and enhanced data encryption
technologies, and its wealth of package technology, utilizing advanced SIP

Samsung’s Secu-NFC chip has identical form factor measurements (4.3mm X 4.3mm X
1.0mm) as a standalone NFC chip. This raises the area space efficiencies on
mobile devices. The pin-to-pin compatibility allows mobile device’s designers
to immediately adopt the new solution without additional cost, engineering and
design efforts.

The embedded secure element has a 760 Kilobyte (KB) high-density flash memory
providing users with sufficient capacity to store one’s choice of diverse
mobile services such as credit card codes, e-money, transportation
transaction/payment services, coupon services and more.

Samsung secures various payment solutions including operation systems required
for mobile payment services in respective regions and countries, including
Europe, North America and China, according to a press release appeared in

Samsung’s NFC controller has an enhanced battery-off feature. An embedded
single wire protocol interface, allows consumers to enjoy the full breadth of
services available by using U-SIM as well as the embedded secure element.

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