Scan A Mobile Barcode, Unlock A New Brand Experience: AT&T Mobile Barcode Services


Discover the Next Generation of Mobile Marketing, Now
Available from AT&T


Mobile barcodes give brands the opportunity to reach
consumers directly on their smartphones, delivering information, promotions,
coupons and more to customers’ fingertips.


Following a technology trial launched last year, AT&T announced the availability of AT&T Mobile Barcode Services, which allow
businesses to create, publish and manage 1D (UPC) and 2D (QR and Data Matrix)


With the AT&T Code Management Platform,
businesses can also take advantage of mobile web page templates to design
landing pages optimized for smartphones, which appear when consumers scan
mobile barcodes. In addition, the flexible AT&T Code Management Platform
allows companies to keep content fresh by changing the results of scanning a
barcode without replacing the physical codes.


AT&T Code Scanner and AT&T Code Management
Platform are compatible with all three standard types of mobile barcodes, UPC
(1D), QR (2D) and Data Matrix (2D), and use technology provided by Mobile Tag
Inc., a provider of universal bar code reader technology.


“Wherever people engage with traditional media in
newspapers or magazines, on signs or storefront displays they can experience
more with a mobile barcode. After trialing the technology with top companies in
industries such as entertainment, retail, marketing and hospitality, we’re
confident that this solution will help our business customers to market more
effectively and to immerse consumers in their brands, anytime and
anywhere,” said Chris Hill, vice president, Advanced Mobility Solutions,
AT&T Business Solutions.


During July and August, AT&T customers can try out
this innovative technology by scanning mobile barcodes printed on AT&T
billing envelopes. Without even opening their bills, customers can check out
all of their account information by scanning the barcodes, launching myAT&T
and logging in right on their phones.


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